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Why tinctures?


The HerbalHardô, HerbalHim and HerbalHer formulas are prepared in a tincture (of ethanol and water) to maintain the purity of the ingredients. This is because they are already in a pure liquid form after a careful cold percolation process. It also helps the body absorb the ingredients more easily.†

Tablets/ capsules are often used for the convenience of the producer and distributor, as they are much easier and cheaper to package and ship.

While it is true tablets/ capsules can hide the taste of supplements and chemicals, it is rare for tablets to be pure substances. This is because they include excipients (an inactive ingredient). These are used as a carrier for the active ingredients.

They often also include binders (to hold the tablet together), glidants (flow aids) to ensure efficient tabletting, lubricants to stop ingredients clumping together, disintegrants to help the tablet to break up in the digestive tract, sorbents to help keep tablets dry, preservatives, fillers/ diluents to increase bulk volume, gelatin made as a byproduct from the meat and leather industry (mainly pork skin or cattle bones and hide), flavorings to help mask the taste of the ingredients, and even coloring to make the tablet/ capsule more visually attractive.

Of course, to start with the active ingredients must also be turned into a powder form to be included - another step away from the purity of the ingredient.

This is why we do not use tablets and only use tinctures. Although less convenient for us, it means we know we can deliver to you the highest possible quality natural organic products.†

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