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What is Erectile Dysfunction?


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

If you feel that it’s only you, who face the erection problem, then think again and not just once but twice and thrice. Recent survey has shown that 1 in 10 men face the problem of ED.

It counts approximately to 150 million men worldwide, 30 million in USA, 2.3 million in UK and 1 million in Australia.. This is thought to be the equivalent of 150 million men worldwide - or 30 million in the USA, 2.3 million in the UK and 1 million in Australia.

Sexual feelings or sex drive are the natural human feelings or desires and they rise and fall with the passage of time, ageing and change in conditions and circumstances. The sexual arousal depends upon number of interwoven factors. These include lifestyle and psychological factors, lack of desire, vascular, neural and endocrine misbalancing and even the social conditions.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is the medical term given to the problem of not achieving or maintaining the erection. This problem can only be diagnosed if the problem occurs again and again. Generally, men shy off discussing or sharing the problem, but it takes its toll on male health issues and even the psychology because of being silent and feeling embarrassed. So in reality the figure of men facing the problem of Ed can actually be larger than what is reported [LINK: http://www.malehealth.co.uk/ ]. So in reality the figures for male impotence could be much higher - especially if men who occasionally have problems are included.

The problem can be either psychological or physiological and it increases if kept in silence for long. It not only affects the sexual life of men but also affect him in certain other ways too.

Sexual feelings and relationship gives pleasure but they are meant to serve a purpose in person’s mental and emotional interactions, so a problem related to sex can also leads to various other problems arising in personal relationships. It makes men to avoid sex and hence their partner’s feelings, which may leave her feeling isolated and ignorant. That creates a gap between partners. Men also feel ashamed and loose self-confidence and self-esteem.

Erection is attain when blood flows through the soft tissues of penis and stops their and doesn’t flow back, and when blood does not stop from flowing back the problem of erection or holding it for long, occurs. ED is not just related to the ageing, though it gets serious and intense with the age.

Psychosocial issues

  • Performance anxiety ?
  • Attitude towards sex and upbringing
  • Problems in relationship
  • Employment and financial pressures ?
  • Economic and social pressures?
  • Depression or stress

Serious health (metabolic) problems

  • Low testosterone levels
  • Diabetes ?
  • High blood pressure ?
  • Obesity ?
  • Chronic renal failure ?
  • High cholesterol ?
  • Sleep apnoea

Reduced blood flow

  • Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries)

Interference by medication, alcohol and other drugs

  • Cigarettes ?
  • Alcohol and drug abuse ?
  • Drugs used to treat:
    • - Blood pressure ?
    • - Cholesterol ?
    • - Depression ?
    • - Psychiatric disorders ?
    • - Prostate cancer

Interference with nerve function

  • Spinal cord trauma ?
  • Multiple Sclerosis ?
  • Diabetic neuropathy ?
  • Pelvic surgery (prostate, bowel)
  • Parkinson's Disease ?
  • Alzheimer's Disease

Urological problems

  • Peyronie's Disease ?
  • Pelvic trauma

(Taken from Andrology Australia website)

In case you are concerned about your health and decided to seek help, make sure you meet a qualified medical practitioner only.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction:

Oral/drug treatment

There are 3 different phosphodiesterase PDE5 available in the form of tablets:

  • Sildenafil made by Pfizer and marketed as Viagra.
  • Verdenafil made by Bayer/Glaxo-Smith Kline and marketed as Levitra.
  • Tadalafil made by Icos/ Lilly and marketed as Cialis.

These oral drugs are available on prescription from the certified medical practitioners and sometimes online after online consultation. People often misunderstood them as an instant erection stimulator, instead they work only when the penis is sexually stimulated. It usually blocks the chemical to subside, that causes erection. Depending upon the treatment, these are generally required to be taken 20 min to 1 hour before sex. Viagra and Levitra are advised to be taken on an empty stomach for their proper absorption in the body. Cialis works between the 3 and 36 hours. Most of the patients got positive results from these drugs.

Commonly reported side effects:

  • Death
  • Palpatations
  • Headaches
  • Facial flushing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Indigestion
  • Visual disturbance
  • Anxiety
  • Priapism
  • Create dependency on drugs for erections too
DO NOT USE these drugs with nitrates such as nitro-glycerine, which is used to treat heart problems and amyl-nitrate as this may result in acute deterioration in blood pressure and may prove fatal. You must inform your doctor before treatment about any heart or prostrate problems to avoid side-effects and lethal consequences.

Injection therapy

Alprostadil, which is marketed as Caverject, is most used injection, but phentolamine and hydrochloride are also used. It is injected directly into the penis or inserted using special applicator, just before the sexual intercourse. These are almost effective every time they are used. However patient should take proper training about injecting them avoiding any pain or complications while using it..

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are used by placing a plastic tube over the penis and pumping out the air causing a vacuum which draws blood into the penis and then a constricting band or ring is used around the base of the penis. The erection lasts until the ring is taken off and works in around 60% to 90% of cases. It is suggested to be used for around 30 minutes, after which it may create do more harm than giving any pleasure. Normally men feel embarrass to use it and it also hinders the spontaneity, so its use is often put off by most of the users..

Possible adverse effects:

  • Hematomas [LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hematoma ]
  • Petechia [LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petechia ]
  • Ecchymosis/ bruising [LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecchymosis ]
  • Pain in the penis
  • Lower penile temperature
  • Numbness
  • Absence of ejaculation or feeling pain during ejaculation.
  • Scrotal may get trapped under the rings.

Hormone treatment

Though it is a rare treatment but some men also receive hormones for erection problem.


Surgery is done when everything else is failed to solve the problem. Artificial rods are implanted into the penis.


Counselling is done when psychological causes are diagnosed and is believed to be a very helpful and safe treatment. When the problem of Ed is psychological, it may become more complicated if it gives rise to the arguments and anger. It is better not to discuss the problem, instead find out other possible ways to intimate and pleasure. The problem may improve or even disappear if it is not made an issue.












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