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Our Company Story

I liked it so much, I formed a company...

As I head into my 50s and reflect, I can honestly say I have enjoyed my life. I have worked hard but also taken the time to appreciate the best things in life: time spent with my family, holidays, good meals accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine and a packet of cigarettes (the latter a habit I have now thankfully given up) and I have always had a more than healthy sex drive.

My interest for sex was still as strong but I started to notice how my libido did not sparkle as it used to. How my enthusiasm for lovemaking had started to diminish. Although it is rarely discussed, men too as they grow older go through a change of life or something that has been described as a male menopause (when a man's hormones change with lowered testosterone and increased oestrogen). Could this be the reason?

I also knew I was too busy at work, there was other stress too but this was hardly something new. However, I had to be honest with myself and knew my libido was simply not as strong as it used to be. Was this another inevitable part of growing older? Was this the beginning of the end of my sex life? The idea of the rest of my life without sex - and its physical and emotional intimacy - was pretty bleak and depressing to say the least. So I started looking at the options.

Like many men I had heard stories about Viagra and thought I had to check this out. So I ordered Viagra online. I was excited when the package arrived, and snuck off to the bathroom to check out the "magic blue pill". I took only a small amount (approximately a half of a 50Mg tablet) to see what effect it had. Little happened to start with and I remembered it did nothing to help boost sexual desire. It did however start to give me palpitations (strong enough to make me scared that I was going to have a heart attack), my face became engorged with blood and turned a red-purple, I had an extreme thirst and my nasal passages were dry.

When I entered the bedroom my partner began to laugh so much, at how I looked and my obvious anxiety, that thankfully it calmed me down. My heartbeat though continued to race for a further couple of days. So, that was my personal experience of Viagra: from nervous excitement and hope of a wonderful sexual experience to panic and disappointment.

My concern about Viagra's side-effects (along with Cialis and Levitra) led me to look on the internet for alternatives. I checked out many, many sites offering alternatives: everything from staying rock hard all night long to making my penis grow huge. Usually making claims that insult the intelligence of the average man on the street. Surely there had to be a better way?

Around this time a good friend recommended a local professionally trained medicinal herbalist. My meeting with her was a revelation and gave a fresh lease of life to my sex life. The herbal tonic she gave me began to work after 4 days, I felt more positive generally, could feel a fullness or tingling in my groin that was leading to sexual anticipation and could feel my libido returning. I also noticed my hard-ons became harder.

Knowing what I had been through and speaking to friends of similar ages who had also had negative experiences with modern sex drugs (or had positive times but were still concerned about the long term health implications) or had also tried alternatives that had failed. I knew I had to share this natural, effective sex tonic with them and you also.

I went back to the professionally trained herbalist and asked for a variety of combinations of herbal mixes. I then trialled these tonics on friends, their friends and business acquaintances over a number of months. My biggest concern was that there were no negative side-effects and that the tonic actually worked to help improve sexual health. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

So after 2 years of trials - as well as also taking the herbal mix every day myself - I approached one of the nation's leading medicinal herbalists. I then knew we could produce a product of the highest possible quality, which used natural organic plant extracts with no known side effects. Equally important to me was being able to produce a sex tonic that was beneficial in promoting the sexual health and libido of both men and women.

So here we are, ready to share with you the two  tonics . Which Myself, the Herbalists and the Manufacturer are very proud of - HerbalHim and HerbalHer - we are confident they will enhance your quality of life, particularly your sexual enjoyment (regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation) now and into the future.

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