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What to expect


At the beginning of using any of our products, it is important to understand what your expectations are from our HerbalHard products ....

HerbalHim and HerbalHer are not meant to mimic or compete with Viagra or any of the prescription sex drugs (such as Levitra and Cialis). They will not give you an instant erection or enable you to have unlimited sexual sessions, but on the plus side they will not seriously upset your physiology or give you any dangerous side effects. The impact on your body is very gentle and the build up to full impact takes a couple of days or weeks depending on the individual.The herbal mix is a liquid mix and taken daily at 10ml per day.

Our products are unlike Viagra because they are natural sex tonics that support and enhance what is already naturally there. They have been used and appreciated for thousands of years. What you can expect is an increase in your libido and sexual desire, a general feeling of well-being, and as a result of this - your love life should also improve !

Our products are what we would call user friendly and loveable!

At HerbalHard we are not pretending to be a charitable organisation. But unlike pharmaceutrical companies - who concentrate on alleviating the symptoms rather than curing the underlying causes - our foundations are built on the basic premiss that we offer complementary medicine to boost the bodies already existing ability to achieve a fulfilling sexual experience.

By combining HerbalHim and the Rise and Shine CD you can also learn to relax and overcome any performance anxieties that may have become the norm in your love life. The Rise and Shine CD also helps overcome premature ejaculation.

Let's face it, you don't want to have to rely on any dangerous prescription medications for the rest of your life to maintain a good sexlife.

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