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Are Your Expectations Real?

Do you have the real expectations?

Some 21st Century expectations

Our present society is filled with easy access to pornography. One can easily find music, video, books and magazines on sex around themselves. 

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This increased widespread of pornography through internet and hardcore pornographic DVDs have bought a new level of awareness, arousal, interest and views about how people think about sex. This in turn has given rise to increase in the use of sex products and sexually explicit acts by the people. In a way, it’s not a bad thing.

This has been combined by the society that is now driven by the economics. Economic status of the person decides his worth as a human being which is so artificial and is not an act of nature. Men and women have to play, one and the other role every day, such as workers, parents and lovers. Admitting to weakness or vulnerability is often seen as a failure instead of being just a normal part of human existence. And then there are these traditional ideas that define a real man or real woman. No wonder why men and women suffer from performance anxiety when it comes to sex.     

Today the life has got the new wings which has given it a really fast pace, where everything is required too instantaneously, from broadband connection to fast food, quick fix solutions are needed for every problem.




All these changes, pace and awareness in the society has also changes our understanding of what is expected from us by the people. 

Strange but we have also started comparing ourselves, unintentionally, to those smiling adverts of perfect lives on TV; or those others for the sexy sports car. Even with those muscle clad, gods of porn with huge penises having sex with everyone for hours but never coming to the final scene; or to the silicon enhanced women.

The million dollar industry of pornography is actually selling the fantasies, imaginations and fictions as real sex. We often forget that these porn films are highly contrived and selective in shooting and editing the film, to actually make what they want you to see than what the reality is.      

Think about it?

If this industry is shaping your demand and expectations from your sex life, then you probably don’t have a real understanding of the actual human sex life. This is not often discussed but only humans and dolphins have sex for pleasure, unlike other animal species, than just to reproduce, and hence we have the feelings, emotions and expectations also attached to it. It is just like our other physiological and financial needs.  




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