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It's a great product that makes us both more sexual

I've never sent a recommend to anyone but after speaking to you and you suggesting I try your herbalhard product, I feel lots better in myself as a man and my libido has improved back to when I was 35, (i'm 56 now) not only is it a good product it actually works for me. Dave my boyfriend has asked me to let you know that we love your Herbalhim and Herbalher we've been together for over 6 years now and things we're getting a bit boring on the sexual side, I usually couldn't be bothered,so we tried Viagra and wow! What a fantastic product, he had a massive hard on, and a thumping heart,a bright purple face, and palpitations,too much for me and Dave, so we'll settle for Herbalhard and a more enjoyable love life without the risks and anxiety. Its a great product and makes us both more sexual Simon, Whitehaven.
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